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Senarai nama selebriti Yahudi

Rakyat Malaysia terutamanya artis-artis kita tidak mengetahui apa yang mereka buat. Dalam soal sembahyang usah ditanyalah apatah lagi perkara ibada lain. Namun yang menyedihkan ialah golongan inilah yang menjadi tukang promosi kelompok-kelompok Yahudi tanpa mereka sedari. Mudah-mudahan dengan melihat senarai di bawah ini artis-artis dan peminat-peminat dunia hiburan akan sedar siapa yang mereka sanjung itu.
Senarai Artis Terkenal Berbangsa Yahudi
1. Barry Manilow — Rolling Stone Magazine named Barry ‘The Showman Of Our Generation’.
2. Susanna Hoffs — Lead singer of the girl group ‘The Bangles’.
3. Bob Dylan — ‘changed the face of rock and roll forever’.
4. Al Jolson — 1920’s Broadway singer: Baby Face, Sonny Boy, My Mammy and Carolina In The Morning…
5. Lou Reed — lead singer of velvet underground, groundbreaking 60’s band, connections to andy warhol
6. Billy Joel — Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter (’Just the way you are’, ‘Uptown Girl’, ‘Piano Man’)
7. Marc Bolan — (born Mark Feld) was the guitarist/vocalist of the rock band T. Rex.
8. Elvis Presley — The King of Rock and Roll - yes, the King has unbroken Jewish maternal ancestry.
9. Barbra Streisand — The first performer to win an Oscar(2), Emmy(4), Tony(1), Grammy(10) and Golden Globe(10) Awards.
10. Neil Diamond — 36 years of powerfull music and still going strong!
11. Craig David — The popular soul sensation from Southampton, England.
12. Evan and Jaron Lowenstein — Successful Pop Stars (They are twins.)
13. Paula Abdul — Grammy/Emmy award winning Singer, Dancer, Choreographer
14. Bette Midler — Singer and Actress: ‘The Rose’, ‘The First Wives Club’, ‘Beaches’, ‘Down and Out in Beverly Hills’
15. Beastie Boys — The first caucasian rap group.
16. David Lee Roth — Former front man of the Mighty Van Halen, and solo artist
17. Paul Simon — One of the finest songwriters of our time: Sounds of Silence, Bridge over Troubled Water
18. Art Garfunkel — Singer and Songwriter: Scarborough Fair, Feelin’ Groovy, Mrs. Robinson, The Sound of Silence.
19. Carole King — singer/songwriter of numerous hits like ‘You’re Got a Friend,’ ‘Locomotion’ and ‘Up on the Roof’.
20. Phish — popular band, grateful dead cover band.
21. Mick Jones — Lead guitarist for the best rock ‘n’ roll band ever, the Clash.
22. Gene Simmons — Bass, Lead Vocals for the rock band ‘KISS’.
23. Gavin Rossdale — Lead singer of British rock group Bush.
24. Jakob Dylan — Lead Singer of ‘The Wallflowers’ and Bob Dylan’s Son.
25. Leonard Cohen — songwriter, poet, novelist and singer.
26. Paul Stanley — Lead singer for the rock band Kiss.
27. Beck Hansen — the Grammy-winning pop star.
28. Raoul Journo — Popular Tunisian singer & oud player.
29. Lenny Kravitz — singer. 1999 Grammy: Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.
30. K.D. Lang — Country rock singer from Canada.
31. Adam Duritz — Lead singer for the alternative band Counting Crows.
32. Dana International — Israeli transsexual Eurovison winner.
33. Randy Newman — Singer/Composer:
12 Academy Award nominations, ‘Short People’, ‘Mama Told Me Not To Come’.
34. Salima Pasha — Most popular female Iraqi singer since the early 1930’s (Salima Murad).
35. Phranc — self-proclaimed ‘all-American Jewish lesbian folk singer’.
36. Perry Farrell — lead singer of Jane’s Addiction.
37. Justine Frischmann — Elastica.s Jewish frontwoman.
38. Danny Elfman — Lead singer for ‘Oingo Boingo’.
39. Lisa Loeb — the first unsigned artist to top the American charts.
40. Mel Torme — Silken-voiced pop and jazz singer and actor: The Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting in an open fire).
41. Joseph Schmidt — pre ww2 tenor in Germany, died Switzerland during the war.
42. Yves Montand — Famous French Actor/Singer.
43. Arlo Guthrie — singer/composer of ‘Alice’s Restaurant’.
44. Dinah Shore — Singer, actress and tv personality.
45. Friedrich Schorr — Leading Wagnerian bass-baritone of the 1920s and 1930s.
46. Lainie Kazan — Actress and Singer: My Favorite Year, Beaches.
47. Beverly Sills — vast opera career, performing over 90 opera roles.
48. Theodore Bikel — Actor, singer, linguist, storyteller, activist.
49. Christopher Baron — Lead singer of the ‘Spin Doctors’
Pereka Fesyen
1. Calvin Klein — Famous Clothes Designer (brand of clothing)
2. Ralph Lauren — (Ralph Lipshitz) world famous fashion designer. (brand of clothing)
3. Pauline Trigere — 1940s-50s fashion designer, she created the first reversible coat.
4. Levi Strauss – Levis Brand, Inventor of Blue Jeans, the quintessential American garment.
5. Isaac Mizrahi — fashion designer, starred in Unzipped.
6. Kenneth Cole — Fashion Designer who’s married to Mario Cuomo’s daughter
Ahli Kumpulan Pop Rock, Alternatives dan Hard Rock
1. Hillel Slovak — Late guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers
2. Rob Bourdon — Drummer in Linkin Park
3. Brad Delson — Guitarist in Linkin Park.
4. Mark Knopfler — rock musician; leader of the British band Dire Straits.
5. Peter Green — Founder of Fleetwood Mac, British blues master.
6. Artie Shaw — Jazz Musician, Bandleader, Author.
7. Joey Ramone — Leader of The Ramones; key role in ‘Rock ‘n Roll High School’ movie.
8. Slash — lead guitarist for Guns’n Roses.
9. Gil Shaham — One of the most renowned violinists today.
10. Itzhak Perlman — Grammy-winning Violin soloist and Klezmer fiddler.
11. Max Weinberg — Drummer for Springstein and musical director for Conan O’Brien.
12. Isaac Stern — last great violin virtuosos of his generation.
13. Guster — A happy frappy Bob dylan sounding band on happy frappy folk mission.
14. Adam Gaynor — Matchbox Twenty rhythm guitarist & back-up singer.
15. Herb Alpert — leader and trumpeter of Tijuana Brass, Producer and founder, A&M Records.
16. Stan Getz — Jazz Tenor Sax player most famous for The Girl from Ipanema.
17. Joshua Redman — Jazz Tenor Saxophone Player.
18. Gene Simmons — Bass, Lead Vocals for the rock band ‘KISS’.
19. Jascha Heifetz — One of the greatest violinists of the 20th century.
20. Yehudi Menuhin — Great Jewish violinist of the 20th century.
21. Paul Shaffer — Musical director & band leader for SNL. ‘Late Night With David Letterman’
22. Kenny G. — (Gorelick) popular lite jazz saxophonist.
23. Jon Moss — drummer, Culture Club, the Damned.24. Benny Goodman — Jazz Musician, clarinetist, bandleader.
25. John Zorn — A diverse New York based composer\saxophone player, known for his bizarre and eccentric style.
26. Percy Faith — Pianist, arranger, conductor and composer.
27. Dee Snider — Twisted Sister frontman, now actor/director (’Strangeland’).
28. The Frogs — influential grunge/punk band. Their music covered by Pearl Jam.
29. Anton Rubinstein — 19th century Russian pianist and composer. As pianist, considered second only to Liszt.
30. Lee Konitz — jazz musician, sasophonist, bandleader.
31. Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel — Sister of Felix; pianist and composer
Terdapat banyak lagi senarai bintang-bintang terkenal lain seperti penerbit filem, pelawak dan ahli-ahli sukan. Harap di lain masa penulis akan dedahkan.

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