Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The most known fat people of the world

Victim fast food, a victim of a medical negligence, a victim of neurosises, a victim of circumstances. These people daily absorb kgs of hamburgers and drink on five-seven litres coca cola. Receiving in day to 20 thousand kcals at daily requirement in 2 500 - 3 000. They, of course, struggle with the weight and even try to live a high-grade life, but. The majority of the most known fat people planets has died aged till fifty years.

For all history of mankind John Brouer Minnok living in Washington was the heaviest man on the earth. It was growth of 183 sm and weighed 630 kg when has arrived in hospital at the age of 37 years with stagnant warm insufficiency. There were in hospital 2 years and received a diet with caloric content of 1200 kcal... At an extract its weight was 150 kg.

The heaviest woman was Mrs. Persi the Pearl Washington which growth was 180 sm, weight of 400 kg. She has died in 1972.

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