Thursday, October 14, 2010

Budak melecur selepas minum tonik tenaga


By Betty Subaryati

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    MOHAMAD SHAHRULNIZAM ketika menerima rawatan di Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab 19 September lalu.
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    MOHAMAD SHAHRULNIZAM menunjukkan minuman yang dibelinya di Takbai di rumahnya di Kampung Limbungan, Kelantan, semalam.
Steven Johnson syndrome natural pupils sitting for UPSR missed

Pasir Puteh: Action Year Six pupils take painkillers after drinking tonic restorer of energy, almost total darkness when the body burns to Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab II (HRPZII) Kota Bharu for 20 days.
MOHAMAD Shahrulnizam show he bought the drinks at his home in Kampung Takbai Yard, Kelantan, yesterday.
Unfortunate events befall students study at the National School (Male), Mohamad Ibrahim Shahrulnizam, it occurs after drinking a bottle of tonic products purchased in the neighboring town of Takbai, while on the way back to the village of her birth, Khatijah Mahyes, 42, in Pattani, southern Thailand to celebrate Eid on 10 September."When stopped at Takbai, Shahrulnizam RM1 buy a bottle of tonic and drink it before complaining of a headache.

"I told him to sleep in the car until he reached the village at 5pm, before giving the pill because she is still a headache.

"However, next morning, her face swollen and bloated and her husband led me back to our house in Pasir Puteh before refer to the Tengku Anis Hospital (HTA.

"My son was referred to the situation HRPZII serious burns and start," he said when met at the Village Limbongan here. 
Khatijah said, her entire body burned black like the other spots filled blisters and cause him to be detained for further treatment in HRPZII and allowed to return on 3 October.

He said doctors had informed Shahrulnizam Steven Johnson syndrome due to an allergic reaction that tonic with a killer headache.

"During this time, we often take a tonic, but have never experienced such an incident Shahrulnizam. Apart from a neighboring country, the drinks are sold in about Earth Sciences, Kok Lanas and Rantau Panjang," he said.

Shahrulnizam said he tired tonic drink that caused it to sit apart Primary School Achievement Test (UPSR) from 21 to 23 September.

"During the examination, the eyes and my face is still swollen. A study at the District Education Officer visited the hospital to assure I can sit for final exams to Form A, the end of December, "he said.

"Although allowed to return from HRPZII, I still have to undergo follow-up of an expert eye, skin and throat of the problems experienced," he said. 

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