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Exxon: Dajjal Yahudi Memeras Dunia?

Assalamu'alaikum wr wb,

Di hadits disebutkan bahwa Dajjal (penipu besar) berasal dari orang
Yahudi dan diikuti bangsa Yahudi. Dia buta sebelah dan membawa air
(kebahagiaan) dan api (neraka). Dia tawarkan itu kepada setiap orang.
Tapi yang disangka air ternyata api, sementara yang disangka api
ternyata air. Banyak orang tertipu.

Coba baca hadits di bawah dulu:
Yang Mengikuti Dajjal
Yang akan mengiikuti Dajjal itu adalah orang-orang Yahudi dari Asbahan
(Asafahan), yang jumlah mereka sebanyak 70.000 orang (jumlah yang
banyak), dengan pakaian warna biru khusus (dipakai oleh para pemimpin
dan ulama dari negeri Persia/Iran/bangsa selain Arab). (Shahih Muslim)

Dajjal (2)
Sesungguhnya dajjal itu akan keluar, dan ia akan membawa air dan api.
Dan adapun yang kelihatan orang dengan bentuknya ( seperti air itu maka
hal itu adalah api yang dapat membakar. Dan adapun yang kelihatan oleh
manusia berupa api itu maka hal itu adalah air yang dingin yang rasanya
tawar. Maka jika mendapatkan hal itu bagimu maka jatuhkanlah pada yang
kelihatan seperti api, sesungguhnya hal itu adalah air yang tawar dan
baik (enak) . (Shahih Muslim)

Dajjal ( = Si Pembohong) itu matanya buta sebelah kiri, rambutnya kusut
(tidak teratur), ia membawa syurga (kegembiraan) dan neraka(
=kesusahan), maka yang disebut nerakanya itu maka yang sebenarnya
adalah syurga ( =bisa membawa ke syurga di akhira), sedangkan syurganya
adalah neraka (= bisa membawa pada kehidupan di neraka akhirat).
(Shahih Muslim)

Saya beriman pada hadits di atas. Disebutkan sebelum turunnya dajjal
besar akan turun dajjal2 kecil.

Nah ada yang mentafsirkan dan kelihatannya sesuai dengan fakta yang

Saat ini Yahudi seperti keluarga Rockefeller (95 anggota keluarga)
mengontrol sebagian besar perusahaan minyak dunia seperti Exxon-Mobil,
Chevron, Standard Oil, dsb. Penjualan 5 perusahaannya saja pada tahun
1993 mencapai Rp 2.400 trilyun lebih.

Mereka menguras minyak di seluruh dunia, termasuk di Indonesia (Aceh,
Natuna, dan Cepu) dikuras Exxon-Mobil sementara Riau dikuras Chevron.

Banyak juga muslim yang tertipu mengambil "air" (kekayaan) yang
ditawarkan perusahaan Yahudi ini sehingga mendukung pengambil-alihan
blok Cepu dari Pertamina ke Exxon.

Padahal jika kita memilih "api" (kesengsaraan) dengan tidak mendukung
mereka, kita dapat menghentikan pemerasan yang dilakukan kaum Yahudi
terhadap bangsa2 diseluruh dunia.

Keluarga Rockefeller juga ditengarai mendorong Bush untuk menginvasi
Iraq guna menyedot minyak dan gas di Iraq.

Berikut artikel tentang kepemilikan keluarga Yahudi Rockefeller di
berbagai perusahaan minyak. Sungguh ironis ternyata banyak muslim di
Indonesia yang mendukungnya meski harus memiskinkan bangsanya sendiri:

In order to determine actual Rockefeller family control over Exxon and
the other offshoots of the original Standard Oil Trust (Mobil, Standard
of Indiana, Standard of California, Chevron, Sohio, Phillips 66,
Marathon, et al)we must gather all of the pieces of the puzzle we can
find and carefully fit them together
December 1, 2005: a Book about the betrayal of America by the
Rockefeller Family.
in memory of Ida Tarbel: who first identified John D. Rockefeller as
the real Nosferatu...

(About Rockefeller:) "And he calls his great organization a
benefaction, and points to his church-going and charities as proof of
his righteousness. This is supreme wrong-doing cloaked by religion.
There is but one name for it -- hypocrisy."
IDA TARBELL (1857-1944)

In her muckraking expose about David Rockefeller's grandfather, Ida
Tarbell characterized what is actually a reasonable description of the
modern Standard Oil: the five dualistic oil companies controlled by the
Rockefellers, and the hundreds of other companies they also control,
numbering the top 75% of America's Fortune 100: "Rockefeller and his
associates did not build the Standard Oil Co. in the board rooms of
Wall Street banks. They fought their way to control by rebate and
drawback, bribe and blackmail, espionage and price cutting, by ruthless
.... efficiency of organization. "

In reality, the so-called "insurgency" in Iraq, a combination of
foreign recruits trained by terror organizers in Pakistan, and Al
Zarqawi's Al Qaeda branch in Iraq, is actually working for the "status
quo" of the Oil Industry owned by the Rockefellers as the controlling
shareholders. The status quo believes in establishment of a royal or
opposing autocracy in a nation, and through a system of state
sanctioned bribes, controlling the sale of the Oil to the Rockefeller
controlled Auctioneers through the Rockefeller controlled Opec,
whereupon it is distributed through shill auctions to the top oil
companies, all of them Standard Oil descendents controlled by the
Rockefellers. This status quo maintains the fundamental power base of
the Rockefeller Family and this oil distribution and exportation
companies, ranging from Exxon to Schlumberger. The Pakistani ISI,
which works for the "status quo" in exchange for perks for Pakistan's
leadership and wealthy families, manages the recruitment and training
of Terrorists, formerly putting them through the final stages of terror
training in what was Saddam Hussein's administration which maintained a
huge terror training facility on the Iraqi, Iranian border, now closed.

Today, the work of recruitment is somewhat abbreviated by the need
to move as many foreign fighters as they can muster into Iraq to attack
civilian targets, so as to try and weaken the Iraqi's control over
their own oil, which since President Bush installed the Iraqis in
charge of their own oil, Democratically, runs diametrically opposed to
the so-called "status quo" of oligarchy rule. The Terrorists often
cloak behind false Islamic religious protests, comments about the west
"stealing Islamic oil". What that really means is depriving the
"status quo" control over it, which stems from the owners of Opec and
the Auctioneers and the Distribution who also do the exploration, set
up the wells and then install a royal fiefdom to watch it for them for
state sanctioned bribes: the Rockefellers. By installing the Iraqi's
in charge of Iraqi Oil, Bush has forced this oligarchy to PAY the
Iraqi's for it. In Rockefeller terminology, that's a "cardinal sin".
This autocratic machinery is used by the Oil Industry to maintain the
"status quo". To them, what President Bush has done, setting up a
Democracy, and imposing martial law, while allowing the Iraqis and
their partners, the independent South Koreans to control and prosper
from their own oil, is unforgivable, hence the vicious press and public
political attacks by the Rockefeller allied Democrats and Press against
Bush in the USA and elsewhere. This is a case wherein the interests of
America do not run concurrently with the interests of its wealthiest
family, and as a result, something of a secret war against America is
being waged by the oil industry and its wealthy owners, so as to try
and cheat the Iraqi's out of their $55 a barrel for Iraqi Crude Oil.
That demonstrates just how vicious the oil industry and its owners are.
The Rockefeller Family Trust, spoken of as "foreign investors" by
middle eastern oil sheikhs, receive 40% of the payment for every barrel
of oil sold outside of Iraq in the middle east. 20% goes directly to
the nation within which the oil resides, which in fact means it is
pocketed by the Royal Family of that nation and spread around the 50 -
2500 members of said family. The remaining 40% is used for a
combination of the oil drilling, pumping and delivery, security, and
military overheads. A paltry 2% is spent on improvements for the
nation's people. In Iraq, however, 100% of the wealth goes to Iraq,
50% is used by the Iraqi government to rebuild the nation, 25% is paid
in salaries and overheads like drilling, pumping and delivery, and 25%
goes into a trust for the benefit of the Iraqi people directly:
providing social welfare, health care, education, and so forth. By
eliminating the Royal Family and Rockefeller interests, Iraq is able to
directly afford the cost of replacing the destructed Saddam economy and
education system, largely a system of threats and propaganda, with a
Democratic System of Economy, Education and Government. Gradually the
overhead of recovery will diminish and Iraq will become one of the
Wealthiest Democracies in the world. But it takes time, and in the
interim, the "never say die" Rockefellers and their Oil Companies
succumb to the (to quote Lawrence Raymond, head of ExxonMobil)
"complexities of the oil industry" and continue to finance a losing
insurgency, and terrorist activities globally, in the name of trying to
displace Basra Oil and the Southern Iraqi Petroleum Company "somehow",
thereby taking the oil away from the Iraqis. But first, they have had
to try and use the Democratic Party (and Rockefeller Press
Manipulators) in the US and abroad, to try and displace President
George W. Bush.

I, personally, do not believe that the majority of Americans are
being fooled by the Rockefellers, who frequently accuse their targets
of the very crime they are committing. So, they accuse Bush of going
to war in Iraq for oil. In fact, he went to war in Iraq to stop Saddam
in his tracks and to install a trustworthy Democracy in Iraq, so that
America did not face further terror instigated by a nuclear power in
the form of Saddam Hussein. Meanwhile, in America, some people are so
unbelievably stupid, that they completely ignore the fact that Bush
could have legally justified the Americanization of Iraq's oil as a
"price for ongoing aggression", but did not. While it is tragic that
lives have to be lost because David Rockefeller and his hers, and the
two faced in the oil industry, can't keep their hands off of Iraq and
will do about anything to steal the country's oil out from under it, if
they can force America to withdraw and leave Iraqi undefended.
When you read the Washington Post recently dishonestly manipulating
the public about "Bush's Defeat is a Victory", you see the principle
problem facing America: the Press are bought and paid for. There is no
"defeat", just a 'bought and paid for Rockefeller Press Corp' attacking
a president at every turn, and We the People not putting a legal gun to
the head of every Journalist saying: "stop this or face the music".
People don't even suspect that Washington Post Editor Robert Woodward
was the source of the leak of Valerie Plame's identity to Judith Miller
and Robert Novack, and that he obtained her name as a result of
socializing with Ambassador Wilson and his wife. The Press have been
lying and deceiving the public for decades, money in their pockets from
David Rockefeller and his organization to confuse America and mislead
it into believing this is the popular opinion. It's EXTREMELY SIMILAR
to the tactics used by Al Qaeda to propagandize and recruit Terrorists.
And it's goal is the same, to weaken Bush's grip on Iraq' oil, which
he is allowing the Iraqi's to sell for Iraq's benefit, NOT EXXON's.
They twist the entire image around and make Bush the villain (for
protecting America and an entire other people), Saddam Hussein the
victim (who killed millions), and then the backing organization fuels
coordinated Insurgency in Iraq to attack American Bases. Yet, the
insurgency is weakening and Iraq's own military is strengthening at a
rate that should allow America to routinely scale down ground personnel
from Iraq starting at the end of 2006, naturally and in the course of
the growth of the Iraqi's own security forces.
Nonetheless, yes, the Rockefeller Family is covertly financing Al
Qaeda and the Pakistani's ISI's involvement in it, just as they have
PLO, for years. Why? Because it fuels political intrigues in the
Middle East and provides a convenient method to vilify the Jews of
Israel when they respond in defense of their nation and people. The
Rockefellers are far from done in the occult-worshipping drive to
destroy the Hebrews, which started at the turn of the Century in the US
and migrated with them to Nazi Germany. To them, to destroy Judaism is
to defeat God, believe it or not, that is one of the private conquest
objectives of the Family. They play at religion, but they privately
explore the occult and aspire to ruling Heaven and Earth, in what has
to be the most enduringly bizarre philosophies in human history. Yes,
the Rockefeller Family is influencing others to transport murderers to
Iraq to bomb and kill, to fuel the John Stewarts, the defeatists, and
the Press onslaught that targets this country's Principles by
undermining them. The Iraqi People deserve our support, and unless we
want Islam to become dominated by Al Qaeda and Islamism, Islamic
nations like Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan and Afghanistan NEED
Democracy and self rule. These nations have not been traditionally
democratic unlike other nations like Jordan, Egypt and India (the
world's largest Moslem population lives in India, by the way). When
Bush quoted a name of someone in Iraq "Mohammed Abdul Jabbar", he
quipped: "Wait a minute! Abdul Jabbar? He's got to be making these
names up" and up flashes a picture of the LA Lakers Basketballer,
Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Not humor, ignorance.
The Rockefeller Press is mindlessly engaging in a Democratic Party
looking insurgency here in America, and making jokes about Al Qaeda in
Iraq, while simultaneously claiming there is no connection between Iraq
and Al Qaeda, and making jokes about Weapons of Mass Destruction, which
were being sold by their owners, the Rockefellers, to Saddam in the
late 90's and early 2000's, they have not yet resorted to jokes about
9/11, but they have attacked President Bush for rightfully referring to
If you watch the Islamist Terror Training and Recruitment Tapes on
the Internet, you'll be surprised at how they are rejoicing over the
very same things: Al Qaeda in Iraq, the intention to use Weapons of
Mass Destruction on America, and the Lynching of President Bush, or
"Bosh" as they call him.
The very same script writing technique shows up on David Letterman
and John Stewart's Daily Show, in the Washington Post, and even in the
NY Times, as one finds in releases in Terrorist Training and
Recruitment on Al Jazeera, and in the decapitation tapes of various Aid
workers (peace advocates, mind you) and other victims. The issue is
not the lives hurt by the Rock Press, but the manner in which they
resort to extreme agitation cloaked in the deception that they coerce
public opinion with, they point to the Numbers, they claim "every
American wants this", they lie, cheat, and smear, and worst, they
conspire with Democratic Party and Pakistani ISI, fueled in their
campaigns by drug dealing, munitions dealing, oil dealing, coal dealing
carpetbagging OIL INDUSTRY EXECUTIVES earning their glory with the
Rockefellers, by doing their horrific bidding. This is EXACTLY how
they turned Germany into NAZI Germany - under a cloak of vilifying the
"evil Kaiser" and the "dirty Jews" and the "right wing Religious" and
the "Inferior Scientists". Next, we'll see symbolic book burnings in
the name of Peace, flag burnings, and even people burnings in effigy.
All classic tactics of the rise of the Brown Shirts in Germany,
Nazi'ism was a "National Socialist Revolution" of "Peace and the
Principals of our Fatherland" accompanied by Press Manipulation and
Conquest as it's true covert directive: the rise of an Organized
Insurgency to Loot Europe, Russia and then America. This was the
result of the Rockfellers' deliberate and direct interference with
Germany. Today, they've only gotten better at it and Americans stand by
almost as fools not to notice this. Do you think the annual lighting of
the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center is about Christmas? It's
about hiding the true agenda of their Betrayal of America behind
religion. Journalist Ida Tarbell, who exposed the Rockefellers almost
a hundred years ago, was right on: 100 years before her time.
Until you put it all into its proper perspective, that it is ALL
being organized by the Rockefeller's internal operations and logistics
and transmitted out to these "agents" of the oil industry ownership,
you don't realize why its all so similar. The same thing applies to
Adolph Hitler, and his strategies of making "the Jews" to blame for
Germany losing WWII, and to conquesting Europe "to rid the world of
power, aerospace, telecom, datacom, computing, education,
communications, broadcast and other industries, they have trillions of
dollars sacked away, and they can do anything they please, if they do
it this way. And they are doing it this way and believe you to be too
stupid in America to realize it.
Wake Up America!

This chapter will continue to evolve as it is written...
Written by Edward G.v. Englebart

I am documenting this story in memory of my late mother, Anna. She
fought against Nazi-ism and helped the Allies prevail over the great
evil that overtook our homeland which became formal the day Adolph
Hitler became Dictator, March 23, 1933. She taught me never to sleep on
evil, and to never trust the family from the Rhineland who, from their
American home, financed Adolph Hitler's rise. "Investigate them,
Edward, reveal them for who they are!" she once begged me after I
became a Universitat professor, having left a job with Democratic West
German Intelligence after the fall of the Cold War Berlin Wall.
"Write a book for all the people they murdered!" My late mother, Anna,
was an intelligence double agent working for the Allies inside the Nazi
German Government, an operative working for a British agent code-named
TRICYCLE, as a German National inside the offices of the Reichsfuhrer.
Anna was able to provide stunning insight into the encoding methods of
the German Intelligence and Military General Staff, and helped England
break many codes and learn of many military moves before they happened.
She also misdirected intelligence gathering done by the Gestapo. She
was never suspected and was rescued by MI5 (British Intelligence),
working for Bletchley Park and MI5 for many years after the war. A
math genius, Momma, as I called her, was involved in early experimental
work in computer software, and also consulted with the Americans on the
mathematical logic of Radar triangulation of long range anti missile
batteries to hit their target. She never trusted certain Americans
who, in her Double Agency, she came to know as German-American backers
of the Nazi Party and Adolph Hitler's rise to power. To my mother, I
dedicate the information about them that almost no one knows, the
deadly secrets they have kept for a century and a half. I will be
writing a book. But right now, this information needs exposure.
A significant percentage of the United States Congress are on the
Rockefellers' Payroll or allied with them/under their vast political
influence. After reviewing this story with some in the intelligence
community, I learned that many people in the Government, upon learning
that the most top secret element of the American Intelligence Community
have chosen to summarize what happened that lead to the Iraqi Invasion,
are trying to find ways to counteract the story so as to, in essence,
use 2020 hind sight to 'decide' about the value of intelligence and the
reasons for going to War, so as to try and black out this story at the
same time as the Rockefellers organize yet another round of political
attack on President Bush trying desperately to dislodge his control
over his plan to develop Iraq's Oil for the benefit of Iraqi's, and
steal it for the Rockfellers' private reserves. It is noted that every
single Senator and Congressman who ultimately voted for the Iraqi War,
had each independently for several years or more longer than President
Bush, been publicly reporting that Iraq was engaging in moves to
stockpile WMDs, and that the time to take steps to prevent that from
happening was BEFORE Hussein obtained Nuclear Weapons since it would be
too late afterwards, as once in his possession they'd be used against
America. For them to say otherwise now at the political prompting of
an Oil industry angry that Bush is actually making them PAY FOR THE OIL
from Iraq's Basra Oil and South Iraqi Petroleum Company, and that
includes Leahy, Kennedy, Rockfeller, Pelosi, Clinton, Reed, Reid and
Byrd, is a nonsensical political farce, sheer partisanship and an
egregious two-facedness that keeps a favor bank pocket book open behind
each of these' politician's right rear pocket, open to engaging in a
devious deception to discredit the Administration, since they can get
all the campaign loot to run for the Presidency with the backing of
David Rockefeller's organization. Not that a majority of Americans are
fooled by this behavior. Don't believe Political Polls taken by Press
companies with a conflict of interest. Were it not for the
Rockefellers' Oil Industry businesses stooping to a new low to see to
it that there is one, there'd be nearly NO INSURGENCY in Iraq, since
its primary purpose is to embarrass Bush, were Exxon in charge of the
oil in Iraq, stealing it from behind the backs of the Iraqi People, the
insurgency would be virtually nonexistent.

JD. NOVEMBER 1 - 11, 2005.
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