Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dr.Tateishi Cancer Formula

Eight months' ago, my collegue's mum, who has an advance stage colon cancer, was asked by a specialist in a well known cancer specialist centre in Penang to discharge, not because she has recovered, but she only has three more days of life, due to the tumour has blocked her colon.
It just happen that another collegue, who is a family friend of the first collegue, got the above cancer formula from her manager. She boiled this formula and took it to her friend's house to let her friend's mum to drink. On the 3rd days after the patient took this formula, she pass out whatever trapped in her stomach. One week later, she can walk out of her house balcony and waive to the collegue who cooked the formula for her. The patient is recovering and still living, to the surprise of the cancer specialist.
My family took this formula in the past six months, as a general health soup, and we found that we are not easily infected by common flu. Even if we were infected by flu, it just recover after taking some medicine from general physician, without develop into bronchitis or fever.
Most of the ingredients are available at Tesco, except the leave of "white carrot" which need to reserve from the vegetable whole-seller (who use to chop-off the leave from the "white carrot") before he send the "white carrot" to retailers.

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